I always grew up with people telling me “sarcasm is not attractive” yet here I am

Hopelessly attracted to sarcastic people

Anonymous asked:

[1/2] John being really horny one day, and he grabs Sherlock and shoves him face first into the wall, kissing his neck, sucking and leaving a mark. He's groping and rubbing Sherlock's arse, intending to fuck him. But Sherlock smirks and takes the upper hand and has John pressed face first into the wall. "You've taugh me well, Captain." John pretends to squirm, but he actually likes it. Sherlock holds him there and he reaches around to undo John's belt and trousers.


He slowly pulls John’s trousers down and grinds against his pants covered arse. Sherlock hooks a finger in the wasteband and pulls them down and starts to undo himself. “Sherlock, lube!” John insists and Sherlock pulls out a small tube. “I’ve learned to always be prepared when it comes to you Captain.” he whispers as he slicks up his cock and lines up. “Give the order, Sir.” Sherlock says and John turns his head and says, “Fuck me, Soldier. Now.” And Sherlock drills him into the wall.

hot DAMN






sherlock needs so badly to be kissed. i can’t think of anybody who needs to be kissed more than sherlock

And kissed long and hard and well up against a wall.

And have his belt…

What’s funny is I feel like he would be just as stiff and awkward as he was during the Janine kiss, but out of sheer disbelief this time, and instead of a tight smile afterward, he’d be just completely dumbfounded and unable to form words and John would kiss him again and this time he’d lean down into it and uggggghhhh babies